Forest management

Over the centuries, the demand for wood has never caused such an excessive exploitation of the common forests, so as to affect their existence.
Wood cutting was always proportioned to the productivity of the forests and to the needs of the Regole families, only a small part was intended for commercial sales.

Borrowing from local usages and customs, Venice and Hapsburg governments had codified some forest management systems and adopted different tree cutting methods.
The first forestry plan was issued in 1887 with the zoning of the forest in several productive units, the forest parcels.

While in other Dolomite areas, wide forest areas were entirely clearcut, in the Ampezzo, Cadore, and Comelico areas the trees to be felled have always been identified and marked.
Purposes and wood cutting techniques have not changed for many centuries. Today, naturalistic and environmental aspects are also taken into consideration, in line with the new functions that the forest has recently undertaken.