The Territory

Originally there were two Regole, known as “high” or “mountain” Regole, namely:
- Regola de Ambrizola on the orographic right of the Boite torrent
- Regola de Falzarego-Larieto on the orographic left.

In the first half of the 15th century the so called “low” Regole” were created for a better management of dairy cattle pastures
1.Regola de Zuèl 2. Regola de Cianpo 3. Regola de Pocòl 4. Regola de Rumerlo 5. Regola de Ciadìn 6. Regola de Ciàe 7. Regola de Lariéto basa 8. Regola de Màndres 9. Regola de Fraìna.

The territory of the Regole is much more than a simple entity, it tells the story of the people who lived and worked there throughout the centuries; it represents a heritage that has and will be passed down to future generations.
The community has always protected the common heritage of forests and pastures through some special restrictions:

Intended use: agro-forestry
the heritage is intended for perpetual forest and pasture uses in perpetuity.

prohibition to sell or transfer the property to others;

prohibition to divide up the property among the Regolieri or with others

Currently, the law provides other modes of protection:
impossibility , for the property of the Regole, to be gained by usucaption

CommoninterestThe environmental value of the heritage goes beyond the interests of the Regole and extends to the community as a whole.