Modern Art Museum Mario Rimoldi

The museum will include some essential masterpieces by Savinio, Garbari, Depero, Guttuso, and others, as well as some significant pieces which are fundamental in the exploration of works by De Pisis, Sironi, De Chirico, Semeghini, Tomea, Tosi and Campigli. This collection is the result of the careful assembly of artworks over a period of fifty years, and constitutes one of the most significant collections in Italy of 20th century art. 

The “Rinaldo Zardini” Palaeontological Museum houses one of the most significant collections of fossils that exists anywhere today.

Megalodons, shells of marine invertebrates, corals, sponges and fossils of countless other animals give tangible testimony to a distant age when Cortina and the surrounding area was submerged under a vast sea.

The new Museum housed in a renovated sawmill has been entirely redesigned, focussing on the Regole d'Ampezzo, the century old common heritage of the Cortina d'Ampezzo valley.

Through a selection of objects and images the museum documents important cultural aspects of the Ampezzo community: the heritage of traditions and customs, the management of forests and pasturelands, and the century-old relationship of Man with the natural environment.