Between silver threads and art


The "Regole d'Ampezzo" Ethnographic Museum proposes for the  summer 2023 the exhibition dedicated to one of the typical crafts of the basin: the watermark.

The art of working pure silver has been for decades, even centuries, one of the strong points among the teachings of the School of Art, over time training master goldsmiths capable of giving life to splendid masterpieces of incomparable taste and refinement. Among the jewels made in filigree (mainly in silver, but some parts also in gold) the trèmui stand out, characteristic hair pins intended to adorn the female hairstyle of the traditional costume. The flowers, which recall those of the meadows present in Cortina, are made starting from a wire worked to obtain a thickness of 0.08cm, or a hair, and are finished with colored stones.

It will be them, together with brooches, necklaces and more, who will make a fine show of themselves in the exhibition that the Ethnographic Museum will make open to visitors from 7 December 2022 to 10 April 2023. A real act of love towards an art that unfortunately is disappearing together with its custodians, whose number dwindles rapidly, but which deserves to be shown and exalted so that someone, perhaps struck by the silver wonders, decides to take up the baton.