Exhibition of the artist Giovanni Soccol

Dal 01/08/2019 al 06/10/2019

Only a few months after his solo exhibition at Cà Pesaro International Gallery of Modern Art in Venice, our Museum dedicates to Giovanni Soccol a  retrospective exhibition highlighting the main themes of his  pictorial production in the last twenty years.

The common thread behind the pictorial cycles, developed by the author in this period, is the nocturnal atmosphere that shrouds the subjects, characterized by his brilliant use of contrasting lights and shadows enhancing their disguised ambiguity of metaphorical imagery.

The exhibition journey opens with Firmamenti (Heavens), three large triptychs populated by a thick cluster of stars scattered in the heavens. Next, is the Maree (Tides) cycle, moon crescents hanging over the sea, among which the large Triptych, exhibited in 2011 at the 54th Venice Biennale, stands out. Teatri e Labirinti d’Invenzione (Theatres and Labyrinths of Invention), characterized by cutting plays of lights and shadows, present two classical architectural models. The former, incomplete and totally void, the latter, enshrined in a mortal game of concentric routes. There is only one work to represent the Petroliere (Oil tankers) cycle, inexorable metallic monsters whose apparition in the moonlight evokes the legendary Biblical creature. The exhibition ends with Dormienti (Sleepers), enigmatic female figures sleeping under the moonlight beams on a large bed whose drapery recalls the sea waves.

Giovanni Soccol

Giovanni Soccol was born in Venice in 1938.

He started painting in the early 1950s, taking part in the collective exhibition of Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa in Venice. At the same time, he was attending the ateliers of painters Ilse Bernheimer, Gennaro Favai and Guido Cadorin. In 1956, he enrolled in the Free Thinking School of Nude Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and in 1967, he received a degree in architecture under the guidance of Professor Carlo Scarpa. In 1969, he got a teaching position at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice to teach Prop. That would mark the beginning of a long fellowship with Mario Deluigi, whom he succeeded in 1974 for the chair of Scenic Design at the same Academy, teaching position that he would keep until 1997.

During the 1970s, Soccol committed himself both to painting and to interior architecture and set designing, for the theatre and the cinema alike. He sojourned in Venice, Rome, and Paris. Notable, in that period, is the friendship with French painter Léon Gischia and Zoran Music. Following the 1986 retrospective exhibition at Palazzo dei Diamanti in Ferrara, he decided to concentrate his efforts on painting only. A first research in the field of geometric abstraction was followed by pictorial cycles whose themes were enriched by symbolic and figurative motifs, namely:   Petroliere (1994-1999), BattigeMaree (2000-2013) and the latest Teatri and Labirinti d’invenzione. In 2017, the Museum of the Landscape located at Torre di Mosto (Venice) dedicated to Soccol a retrospective exhibition for his fifty-year long activity, followed by a solo exhibition of his latest works at Galerie BOA in Paris. In the first months of 2019, the International Gallery of Modern Arts Cà Pesaro in Venice set up a solo exhibition focussing on the themes of Labirinti d’invenzione and Teatri.

The exhibition is open from August 1st to October 6th:

10.30-12.30 / 16.00-20.00

For information:

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