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Rinaldo Zardini

First part

Second part

foto "In 1935, quite by accident, I came across an unusual stone in the River Boite.
I put it in a cupboard and asked everyone what type of stone it might be.
An English botanist told me it could only be a piece of fossilised coral.
This made me all the more curious.

For months, I moved from one valley to another to find the place where the coral could have come from.
One autumn day, I sat down at the foot of the Faloria to rest.
When I looked on the ground, I found myself surrounded by lamellibranchia, ammonites and many other fossilised organisms.
It was like being on a sea shore. All the fossils were in good condition as if someone had protected them.
Corals and sponges seemed to have just appeared out of a tropical sea...."

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