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Ethnographic Museum "Regole of Ampezzo"

The new Museum housed in a renovated sawmill has been entirely redesigned, focussing on the Regole d'Ampezzo, the century old common heritage of the Cortina d'Ampezzo valley.

The exhibition develops on two floors in the upper part of the building. On the first floor, the collective institution of the Regole d'Ampezzo and on the second floor the common heritage of the Regole and the collective management of forests and pasturelands.

In the basement, the space has been designed to house themed exhibitions, the precious collections of traditional arts and crafts - tarsia works, silver filigree, wrought iron and traditional costumes.
On the same floor there is a teaching classroom.

The scope of the exhibition is: to focus the attention of the visitors on the ancient decisions and choices that formed the forests and pasturelands that we admire today; to help visitors understand that over the centuries the collective management of the common heritage has been the main source of sustenance for the Ampezzo community; and finally to show that this ancient institution is still successfully functioning in our times.

Through a selection of objects and images the museum documents important cultural aspects of the Ampezzo community: the heritage of traditions and customs, the management of forests and pasturelands, and the century-old relationship of Man with the natural environment.

The first thing that can be said about Rosanna Basilio is that she fits the template of the Venetian artist: she has assimilated, reliveed and recomposed theories of art in an approach that is typical of Venezian art. This type of art is not cultured for the sake of it; it keeps culture under wraps – while displaying the joyous form of the created object, whatever it may be, adorned with colours that a Venetian artist does not show, but rather suggests.
The colours of the Veneto are as allusive as the distances of the lagoon, yet they always sparkle with life. Rosanna Basilio has enriched her life by creating elegant drapery: tapestries with precious metallic materials that give rise to unexpected chromatic and textural effects.
But the artist does not stop there: for years she ha salso been making extraordinary polychromatic and variously shaped – almost shape-changing – glass vases, which have been frequently displayed at exhibitions.
Finally, the least known Rosanna Basilio: an astonishing interpreter of the sill life and the female nude, in line art as well as in water colour, as confirmed by the success of her recent exhibitions.

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The new home of the Museum

The new museum is housed in an old Venetian sawmill of the Magnificent Community of Ampezzo.
In ancient times, in the basin d'Ampezzo, sawmills and mills hydraulic motion were very numerous.

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