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The Le Regole d'Ampezzo, the collective properties of Cortina d'Ampezzo, manage the natural heritage of forests and pasturelands and perform a number of cultural activities focussing on promoting and preserving the historical and artistic heritage of the Ampezzo community.

The Regole of Ampezzo administer three Museums: the Rinaldo Zardini Palaeontology Museum, exhibiting the Dolomite fossils, the Mario Rimoldi Modern Art Museum hosting one of the most important art collections of the Italian Twentieth century, and the Regole of Ampezzo Ethnographic Museum that shows the silvan and pastoral traditions of the Regole community through objects and images.

Modern Art Museum "Mario Rimoldi"


Palaeontology Museum "Rinaldo Zardini"


Ethnographic Museum "Regole of Ampezzo"


Through educational activities, publications, and cooperations with other museums and cultural institutions, the Regole of Ampezzo promote the rich heritage of the museums





With the exhibition FROM THE WHOLE WORLD TO THE HEART OF THE WORLD: BALSAMO DIALOGUES WITH MUSIC, the Regole d'Ampezzo want to pay homage to painter Renato Balsamo who, in 1974, following the donation by Rosa Braun of her husband's invaluable art collection, created the Mario Rimoldi Modern Art Museum, which he directed until 2010, and who had Cortina's cultural growth always close to his heart, both as teacher and headmaster of the local Art School and as tireless organizer of important cultural events, from visual arts to literature and music.

Balsamo took his art diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples. After a study tour in Spain, he arrived in Cortina where he began his teaching experience and became close friend of the art collector Mario Rimoldi. It was in the rooms of the Art School, where Mario Rimoldi used to offer painters space to work, that Balsamo met Anton Zoran Music and the two artists established a sincere and close friendship.

In order to light up this fruitful association, the memory of the painter from Sorrento is united to the one of the Slovenian artist, who, like him, lived Cortina in a unique way.
In 1951, Music won the Paris Art Prize, prestigious award organized in Cortina d'Ampezzo by the Centre of Italian Culture in Paris on the initiative of artists Campigli and Severini and the cooperation of Mario Rimoldi, then mayor of Cortina. This award triggered a chain of successes for Music while Cortina became an important reference point in his life: his presence in the valley went on for over forty years and the artist dedicated some of his pictorial cycles to the Ampezzo town.

Professor Vittorio Sgarbi about Renato Balsamo: the artist from Sorrento who, for love, moved to Cortina... Extremely sensitive painter.. he was able to grasp the soul of the subjects he sought and loved in intense drawings and perfect portraits. I owe him, besides my own, the living and telling portrait of my mother, young and disturbed, in that restless thought that no one was able to grasp as he did. And it was her soul.

The Dolomite massifs surrounding Cortina are the result of the uplifting and folding of large rock masses, caused by tremendously powerful tectonic movements.
These phenomena ravaged an area, which about 234 million years ago, was a warm sea, dotted with rocks and atolls, rather like the Caribbean today.
Subsequent volcanic eruptions created numerous islands, and ongoing erosion produced large quantities of volcanioclastic deposits, dark rocks containing abundant plant fossils, evidence of the presence of tropical forests (230 million years ago).
Later, we see evidence of a tropical sea (229 million years ago), rich in coral reef, which is found in softer rocks such as marl and marl limestone of the so-called “San Cassiano Formation”.
A drop in the sea level and the emersion of large land areas drastically altereed the Dolomite mountainscape (225 million years ago): the coral reefs disappeared and extensive flat sea-beds were formed. The shallow waters favoured t

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Venetian Creations in Cortina d'Ampezzo

The first thing that can be said about Rosanna Basilio is that she fits the template of the Venetian artist: she has assimilated, reliveed and recomposed theories of art in an approach that is

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